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There is no doubt that installing window film is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your vehicle. You'll notice straight away the elegant look, which above all remains practical. Not only do tints enhance the looks and value of your vehicle but automatically give you an exclusive air of distinction.

Heat Benefits

  • Reject heat gain from inside your vehicle.
  • Depending on your selection of shade, up to 98% of the sun's total energy can be reflected away from your vehicle - You'll notice the difference on long drives or if your vehicle has been parked in the sun.
  • If you have air conditioning it will not have to work as hard, thus saving you on fuel and ultimately cutting down your running costs.

Privacy Benefits

Another valuable benefit of auto shading is the improved privacy the various shades provide - privacy to protect your family and their belongings. The amount of privacy provided is dependant on the selected shade of tint.

Safety Benefits

People don't always associate window film with improved safety. However, almost all of today's vehicles are fitted with tempered glass in the side and rear windows. In the unfortunate event of an accident, these widows can shatter, spraying the occupants with hundreds of splinters of glass.

Once applied, the film protects the occupants by holding the glass together, therefore not showering them with glass. All tints will provide this amount of protection, increased safety and peace of mind.


Security Benefits

Not all thieves are out to steal your car. You may have a nice stereo, mobile phone, or even leave your handbag or laptop on the seat.

The easiest way to break into any vehicle is through a side window. By having your windows tinted, would-be opportunist thieves will be hampered by the tinted glass, so if they were to look inside, they would have to get right up to it.

Tintint film also increases the strength of the window making it more difficult to break in.

  • Make it harder for thieves to see inside
  • Make it harder for the window to break

Value Benefits

Your vehicle is an expensive investment which you want to look after. A cared for vehicle will maintain its value when you come to sell or trade it in. Having tints applied can help protect your investment.

  • Solar heat and ultra violet light can cause interior trim, upholstry and carpeting to fade. Because tinted glass rejects solar energy up to 98% of ultra violet light, you can significantly reduce the ageing process.
  • Plastic parts are less likely to crack and fabrics less likely
    to fade.